Why are we still fighting?

Why are we still fighting?

Why are we killing others?

What are we truly fighting for?

If you’ve killed over religion, would you truly feel it was worth it at the end of your life?

I’ve yet to meet the first person who said: I wish I had killed more. I wish I had pressured my worldview on other people more. 

Of course, it’s hypothetical. You can’t meet someone who has just spoken his or her last words. But the research on what those at the end of their life say is there. And wishing to have killed more doesn’t feature.

Yet, many of the world’s most economically and military strong countries are still fighting for more. More power. Looking to protect their people, assets, borders. Yes, it’s what we need to do. A leader wouldn’t be the right leader for that country if they didn’t do so.

But no leader is the right leader if they can’t envisage the future. If they can’t put the long term over the short term. If they can’t make hard decisions. Decisions that truly need to be made. For humanity, for our children’s’ future. For earth’s future.

And those decisions are about harmony, caring for others, caring for our planet.

We live in a time of total chaos. And, at the same time, of total peace. Never have there been so few deaths because of war and terrorism as there are today. Yet it’s still too much.

We live in a time of poverty. A large part of our world’s population still lives on under 1 USD per day. People still die of poverty on a daily basis. At the same time, we also live in a world of abundance. We have never been wealthier than today, or at least many Western countries have never been wealthier than today.

It’s up to us to make a change.

Words that have been used over and over again are now more relevant than ever before. It’s not just change, it’s growth. There has always been growth. Growth in our consciousness: luckily, we no longer do things the way the Romans did. But the time to further develop is now. Not just to chase personal wealth. But to chase it for both ourselves and for others. Not just to take care of our own family and country, but to share them with the world. Not just to fight for our own power, but to understand that true power is not to need it anymore. 

To realise that we are one planet. That we are one. One earth, one humanity. One heart. Let us act from this.


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